Ethically sourced from Near and Far.

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Shea Butter.jpg

#1: Shea Butter. The healing and protective butter of the Ages. Sourced from women’s cooperatives in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Co-operative profits managed by the women and going towards schools, clean water and medical centres.

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#2: Cacao Butter. Food of the Gods. Sourced from the Peruvian Kemito Ene co-operative reforesting the Amazonian basin, via Loving Earth.


#3: Coconut Oil. Wild harvested and cold pressed virgin oil. Sourced from Niugini organics, family owned and operated. Providing income opportunities for women and single mother’s in Papua New Guinea.

Jojoba in Husk.jpg

#4: Jojoba. A carbon-negative drought resistant tree producing liquid gold for the skin. Pure Australian cold pressed Jojoba sourced direct from Australian farmers.

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#5: Chamomile and Calendula. Super soothers of the herbal world. Grown organically and locally in the Byron Bay area.

Myrrh Northern Africa.jpg

#6: Myrrh. The sunscreen of the Ancients. Sustainably harvested & sold direct by a women’s start-up co-operative in Puntland, Somalia.

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#7: Beeswax. Soothing, protecting & hydrating. Sourced from deep native forest honey flows in Australia. The purest beeswax in the world.

Manuka blossom + Bee.jpg

#8: Active Manuka Honey. Powerful anti-inflammatory and collagen food for the skin. Raw medicinal honey sourced from bees pollinating New Zealand Manuka.