Merface for Merfolk.

Reimagined Surf Zinc. SPF 40


“Walk Lightly, Live Wildly.”

Ocean safe | Earth safe | Tested on Humans



Sun Butter SPF 40


Merface Surf Zinc


Combination Deals


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Combining the alchemy of organic cold pressed oils, herbs, unrefined plant butters and waxes we create real skin nutrition straight from the Earth.

Organic | Unprocessed | All our products are as unprocessed as possible to conserve Nature’s full suite of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Social Enterprise | Beyond Fair Trade | People of the Earth bring you skin care where every ingredient is considered for its social and ecological footprint.

Plastic Free | Earth friendly | Our products do not harm the environment in their manufacture nor pollute it through their use. Allowing you to play and immerse in Earth’s wildness without compromising her purity.



Events & News

Queenstown Craft markets every Saturday (NZ)

Byron Bay Craft Markets 1st Sunday of the month, NSW, (AU)

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