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Recyclable & Compostable Packaging.

Our tins can be re-purposed or recycled. All of our postal packaging can be composted.

Imagine a Plastic Free World.

Plastics are devastating our Oceans. We feel deeply obliged to address this problem. We also want to ensure our packaging doesn’t contribute to the growing problems of pollution. We give you plastic free options. You may notice the labels to People of the Earth products wearing off over time, or with contact with moisture- we have chosen NOT to have our labels coated with plastic to make them last longer.


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Socially friendly.

We choose ingredients where growers & producers are paid above Fair Trade wages. We purchase directly from cooperatives who value add to their product at source & therefore no middle-men take profits. We support co-operatives who either use profits to restore & conserve the environment, or that are run by women who use profits to build schools, improve access to medical services & clean water for their families.

Environmentally friendly.

Ingredients are selected for low impact on the environments they are grown in. We select keystone species whose cultivation supports native ecosystems. Shea and Cacao being the perfect example of this.

We also select ingredients for their low impact on the ecosystems they will end up in, particularly ocean environments.

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Zinc Oxide, Mica and Iron Oxide.

Our Zinc oxide is Australian sourced and Eco-certified. This choice was driven by what we would conscionably apply every day to our own children. We spent a lot of time researching options for broad spectrum UV protection and learnt that Zinc oxide is well and truly the safest choice. Mica and Iron Oxide pigments are sustainably sourced and heavy metal free. Please contact us with any questions.