Born from a deep Love of the Earth and her Wild Places.


What we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream and is absorbed into our organs. It also ends up in oceans and waterways. For this reason we only choose natural ingredients, most of them you could actually eat.

Our formulas differ from other natural SPF skincare products as there are NO industrial filler oils such as grape-seed, sunflower or canola to bulk the product out.

> No industrial oils (NO grape seed, sunflower, canola)

> No chemical UV filters

> No preservatives

> No titanium dioxide

> No hormone disrupting chemicals

It’s time to give back, to restore, re-liven, re-wild, rejuvenate and think forward.

Join us on this mission. Let’s choose the world we want to live in. Let every purchase you make cast a vote towards this world.

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We are Julia and Freja. Long time friends, mums, surfers, ecologists, lovers of family, food, healthy living & wild places.

People of the Earth came about one day during a stroll on the beach. Our ultimate shared vision: to embrace a love of the natural world and create products that have a positive, regenerative impact on the Earth.

So we started. Step by step.

The beach is a huge part of our family’s lives, and living in Australia that means it is essential to be aware of the possible effects of sun exposure.

One of our biggest conundrums as parents was finding a sunscreen that we felt was safe to use daily on our children, and that we felt conscionable about introducing into our ocean playground.

The more we researched conventional sunscreens the more we realised what these chemicals were doing to people and the ocean. We turned to natural sunscreens only to find them loaded with industrial oils.

Embracing our inner chemistry geek, raw food principles and putting on our herbalist hats, we hit the kitchen. Mixing up a prototype formula, we’d then go out and test it in the surf and on our friends and family. We’d send it off to the laboratory, get an SPF result back and hand it out to our family and friends. Trial, edit, repeat. Eventually, we arrived at our magic formula. Made only with ingredients that give back to the Earth and the people involved with their production.

The creative juices are now flowing. People of the Earth will be bringing you more delectable skin treats very soon.


‘The Language Of Friendship Is Not Words But Meanings’

Henry David Thoreau